monthly subscriptions to the second series of 2-UP posters are now available.

2-UP #12 + #13 Launch Party @ Jack Hanley Gallery(327 Broome Street, NY, NY), Saturday, December 21, 4-7PM. Click HERE to read the press release.
2-UP is a collaborative poster project. Comprised of 14 artists and writers, each month 2-UP pairs two of its members together to produce a double-sided poster, packaged in twos. The content of each poster is entirely a product of the participants 'up' each month. The complete series of 2-UP editions is available as a monthly mail subscription for $40, which includes packaging and shipping; individual editions are distributed for free at 2-UP events and available after the fact for a $2 donation.

Production of each poster is funded by monthly contributions from all fourteen participants. All proceeds from the sale of posters and subscriptions to the series are re-invested into 2-UP. The financial independence of the project and the modest price of the posters are meant to ensure the creative freedom of the participants and the accessibility of the work to its audience. Central to the project is the idea that the value of art can exist independently of money and irrespective of rarity.

www.twoup.org serves as a record of the project that includes images of each month's poster and documentation of the collaborative process.

2-UP was initiated by Adam Shecter and Joe Winter.