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Bitcoin. Another attempt to grow out of the 28702 support zone

Consolidation in the support cluster zone 34972-37148-40026 continues, the threat of a support breakthrough at the level of 28702 has not been realized. We are considering the growth scenario again.

The main trend is still upward, and the downward correction on the long-term trend also continues.

But these are slow movements. And at the level of faster trends, there have been changes in the two days since our last publication. Medium-term, short-term and weekly trends resumed growth.

The key in terms of tactics is the trend of the weekly cycle, within the framework of which the market has reached the growth target at the resistance level of 31963, the breakthrough of which opens for testing the short-term growth target at the level of 42688.

But so far there is no breakthrough, the market is trading in the resistance zone of 31963, and an alternative scenario is possible with a re-entry into the support zone of 28701, the breakthrough of which implements the scenario of a new medium-term fall cycle with a target at the level of 22413.

Resistance levels: 30834, 31707, 42688, 62417, 64810, 71361, 87926.

Support levels: 40026, 37148, 34972, 29434, 28702, 22413.